GENIC Management Consulting was founded in 2001 by Georg Langheld and Nicola Dechamps – recognized pioneers and experts in retail marketing – and has developed into one of the most renowned addresses for sales consulting.

Our customers are suppliers of products and services in B2B and B2C who want to achieve profitable sales growth through innovative marketing and sales concepts as well as own a powerful sales organization.

We advise and support companies in the development and implementation of direct sales and multi-channel sales concepts.

In addition, we take over the operational structure and management of our own or external sales teams for our customers.

As part of the Meridian MMI network, we can access a top team of experts in international sales at any time and can therefore offer implementation from a single source.

That’s how we are

We have a very personal, direct way of communicating with our customers. Always at eye level.


André Engels

Sales, direct marketing, strategy

Detlev Dittmar

Direct sales, direct marketing,

Multi-channel, e-commerce

Maria Flèche

Marketing, direct sales, coaching

Mike Wetterling

Executive Coaching, Training, Learning Management Systems, Human Capital Development, Direct Sales

Markus Kessler

Unternehmensführung, Strategie, CSR-Sustainability, Supply Chain

Peter Knöll

Sales, Direct Marketing, Strategy, Marketing


We promote entrepreneurship in the consumer goods industry with strategies, concepts, and implementation for sustainable sales success.

Entrepreneurial pioneering drives us. We support entrepreneurs and companies to be even better, more effective, more successful, and more sustainable.

As an entrepreneur, you control complex structures sustainably as well as profitably and you manage risks. As a pioneer, you break new ground. We develop concepts/solutions off the beaten track and implement them.

We develop tailor-made strategies, concepts for you and implement them delivering extraordinary results in the field of consumer goods. We will take you further in sales, direct marketing, trade, e-commerce as well as marketing, market entry and communication.

We are your partner and act as such. We not only support you in the implementation of the strategies and concepts developed with you. We ensure your success with pilot projects, company foundations, operative market entry and personnel search.


Your success is our focus. We act sustainably, socially responsible, pay attention to long-term feasibility and development. We stand by our basic values and ensure that they are preserved.


Customer Needs:
Customer needs are our guiding light.


Core Values:
We behave and act according to our core values. We are authentic, honest, transparent, and committed. We say what we do and we do what we say.


We have a high commitment to your projects. We have passion for common goals. We believe in what we do.


Operational Excellence:
Leadership and role models ensure the high standard of joint operational implementation.


Business Risk:
We believe in what we recommend and do. We build company concepts and companies for you and take on joint entrepreneurial risk.


Sales strategy:
Concepts and implementation plans are always developed for your company and the latest state of the art know-how and are based on your actual situation.