Our expertise

Sales development B2B / B2C

You have a new product, but don’t know exactly how to best sell it.

Both in the B2B and in the B2C area, we support you in setting up a scalable sales force. Thanks to our expertise in the various sales channels, whether retail, e-commerce, D2C marketing, promotion, or classic direct sales, we can develop the most suitable sales system for your company or your product area and, above all, implement it afterwards.

In a very compact development phase, we define all aspects together with you, from the question of lead generation to pricing, the definition of communication to technical tools. As part of a sales test, we can test the possibility of a scalable sales solution for you with a small investment, determine the KPIs and create the budget for the sales roll-out.

If you do not have your own sales staff to implement the new sales approach, we will help you find them and take over sales management until hiring a sales manager is fitting the needs of your company.

Your advantage is that you are not held back by lengthy theoretical considerations but can find out with a reduced risk whether your product will have the desired success in a new sales channel.

If you are interested in profitable sales development, just get in touch. Contact us and we will discuss your needs.


eCommerce – the buying and selling of goods and services over the Internet in the B2C- and B2B sectors is growing continuously, and with it the competition for suppliers. In online retailing in particular, competition has increased enormously – the next online store is just a few clicks away. The business is getting tougher for new retailers on the major sales platforms such as Amazon, eBay, Otto and Co. Not to forget the social media platforms such as Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest and TicToc as media for generating traffic as well as sales channels.

Today, no sales-oriented company can ignore the eCommerce channel. In addition to the know-how about eCommerce, this also means the ability to dovetail this sales channel with existing forms of selling in a way that no cannibalization effects or process disruptions occur.

As described, eCommerce as a sales channel has meanwhile developed into a very complex “microcosm” that requires extensive and field-tested know-how.

As an expert in eCommerce and an active operator of online commerce via our own web stores, sales channels and price search engines, Detlev Dittmar has been familiar with the challenges from practical experience for more than 20 years. He is also familiar with the concept of drop shipping and the optimization of online-specific business processes.

In combination with the other areas of expertise at GENIC, this offers a unique consulting and implementation competence in a modern and innovative multi-channel sales approach. As a result, we succeed in ensuring the necessary integration with the existing sales channels.

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Marketing & Communikation

You have a great product? You are thinking about a new approach for your sales organization? You want your company to grow sustainably and be profitable? You expect marketing and communications to partner with your sales teams for long term success?

An integrated sales, marketing, and communication strategy combined with a strong brand form the solid basis for a strong market presence. This holistic approach sets you apart from the competition and ensures your offer is relevant, thereby gaining market share and new customers.

All touchpoints across all channels to prospects and customers should be consistent and create an overall picture of the company: From sales, physical presence, the website, digital marketing, and social media, to print media and customer correspondence and much more. Your marketing and communication plans aligned with your sales organization-key for growth and profit.


e start with your specific sales and marketing goals: Do you intend for example to increase awareness or simply more ease in customer acquisition? Or would you like to better understand and reach your target groups?

Together we develop a holistic concept consisting of a tailor-made sales approach combined with an integrated marketing and communication plan that will help your company to achieve sustainable growth and profit. We start at the relevant touchpoints and develop the right marketing and communication mix. The offer is established in the market in a targeted manner, based on jointly developed unique selling points that are based on your strengths and set you apart from the competition.

We know from experience that sales, marketing, and communication can only develop their full power if they are well coordinated. We develop, test, and implement the jointly developed sales and marketing concept partnering with you.

If you would like to learn more about the potential of an integrated marketing and communication concept for your company, just get in touch.


What is your sustainability agenda? Are the development and design of your products/services part of your sustainability agenda? Is sustainability part of your sales strategy and sales arguments? More sustainability in the supply chain; the introduction of the circular economy in some areas or in the entire company. Integration of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) into your value chain, etc. These are possible starting points for how the transformation into a responsible, transparent company can succeed. If sustainability is or should become a component of your corporate values and long-term strategy – we are happy to accompany you in the conception and implementation.

Sustainability will secure the future and financial resources of tomorrow for your company. It is the new added value and competitive advantage. Together with you, we realize your transformation into a sustainable successful company.

Sustainability will secure the future and financial resources of tomorrow for your company. It is the new added value and competitive advantage. Together with you, we realize your transformation into a sustainable successful company.

  • Which impact does your company’s business activities have on the environment and the public?
  • How do these topics affect or influences your business model?
  • What are the requirements for future employees?
  • Like customers, suppliers, investors and the public, they are no longer only interested in the hard financial figures of a company.
  • They also demand information that goes beyond purely financial reporting.
  • They expect companies to take responsibility by knowing the environmental and social impact of their business model and managing it within the framework of sustainable development.
  • Which business areas prove to be viable in the future, taking into account a sustainability agenda?
  • Considering a sustainability agenda?
  • What should the sales strategy look like based on our sustainability agenda?
  • How can costs be reduced through a circular economy or how can new business opportunities be realized?
  • How can the required supply of resources be ensured within my company?

Due to our expertise and our own entrepreneurial experience, we can support you specifically in the field of circular economy, SDGs, transformation, sustainability reports, strategy, etc.

If you want to know more about sustainability and the potential for your company, just contact us. The first non-binding consultation is just a click away.

Smart recruitment of sales people

Are you looking for the right personnel for sales and sales-related areas? Then talk to us. Yes, it’s true, recruiting is not our core business, but that’s exactly why we are so successful in active recruiting and filling positions of all levels in sales!

We know exactly what our clients need because we are entrepreneurs ourselves, highly experienced sales experts and therefore really understand our clients in depth. With our knowledge of the corporate culture, internal structures and processes, it is clear to us which personality the position needs to be optimally found.

We have a broad network of potential candidates, know many executives personally from our daily work and have already worked closely with numerous of them.

These qualifications and our very large national and international network distinguish us at GENIC. In numerous countries we have cooperation partners as experienced local specialists on site.

We use the most modern scientific tools, such as consciousness potential analyses, to find out the true intrinsic motives of our candidates, in order to be able to deduce whether they really fit the position to be filled, the team and the company optimally. We make onboarding particularly effective with our own methodology developed by our specialist Mike Wetterling. This saves you a lot of time and money and helps you to avoid backfilling.

Your advantage with us: Not only do you have your desired candidate promptly, but you can also deploy and retain him or her more quickly and efficiently.

If you would like to know more about the advantages of smart recruiting for your company, simply contact us.

Training & Coaching

The development of managers and staff (Human Capital Development, HCD) is a core competence of successful companies. We support you and your team with the following topics:

Training & Education

Training & education help your staff acquire new knowledge, skills, and abilities. Training directly leads to increases in results of up to 40%.

We support you for:

  • Leadership training for top and middle management as well as new managers.
  • Sales training for B2B, B2C and direct sales.
  • High Performance Selling.
  • Professional coaching, mentoring, executive sparring.

Professionelles Coaching, Mentoring, Executive Sparring

Coaching helps your organization achieve its goals and delivers an ROI of 788% and more.

We support you for:

  • Leadership coaching for middle and top management.
  • Executive sparring (investors, entrepreneurs and top executives).
  • Integration & onboarding coaching.
  • Sales coaching.

Company Specific Programs

Modern companies need tailor-made programs to cover the needs exactly.

We support you for:

Customized personnel development strategies (human capital development).

Development of learning management systems (leadership academy, training academy).

Train the trainer.

Management development programs for future leaders.

Trainee programs

Leadership pipelines

As experts in sales, leadership, and personnel development (Human Capital Development, HCD) & learning management systems, we work with entrepreneurs, executives, and investors. We advise and train them on the topics of sales, leadership development, integration & onboarding as well as learning management systems.

If you would like to learn more about training & coaching, just get in touch.