Building a disruptive sales approach for a new e-mobility brand

New e-bike brand with design-oriented, high-quality e-bikes


The founders know the bicycle industry for many years and are disappointed by the inefficient and reactive structures of the retail channel. They are looking for a solution with more direct communication between manufacturer and customer in order to be able to react more quickly to customer needs.


For a newly developed range of e-bikes, a systematic approach is used to set up a high-performance direct sales force, to test its effectiveness, to build up staff through GENIC and to manage the sales staff in the initial phase.


Within the scope of a set-up workshop, we kick-off the project by experiencing the existing products and ideas and defining the required framework for the development of a new distribution channel. The subsequently developed approach, which is completely new for the industry, is a parallel approach via the largest European chain of specialist retailers for electrical goods and direct sales.

Lead generation is carried out both online and by means of promotional activities (event trucks and promotion vehicles) at e-mobility events and at highly frequented locations.

GENIC carries out the initial sales piolot with its own staff, then conducts recruiting of sales people via direct approach (databases and network) and does the training of the sales force.

Customer benefits

The customer receives the complete service from the conception to the recruiting of the sales team. The sales team is initially managed by GENIC and then built up to such an extent that an experienced manager can take over sales management.