Establishing the social selling distribution for cosmetics in Europe

Internationaler mittelständischer Konzern im Markt für dekorative Kosmetik und Personal Care


The company has built up a unique social selling system (direct sales 4.0) in the USA, achieving sales > $100 million within 2 years.

As part of the internationalization, the European markets are to be addressed, since they have a very strong  social media presence which offers the ideal basis for the further growth of the company.

The company has no experience in the European market and therefore needs complete support in adapting its system to market needs and launching its business activities.


Set up of international sales activities in the markets D, F, I, SP.


GENIC provides  full service from the adaptation of the sales system to the start of the sales activities in the markets D, F, I, SP.

Following a comparative analysis of all competitive activities in all existing channels (retail, online, direct sales), the necessary adaptations of the social selling approach are designed and implemented by GENIC (WWW, catalogue, contracts, communication). The legal framework for the start of sales activities is checked and all existing tools are adapted accordingly.

GENIC takes over the sales management on an interim basis and starts the business activities. The first 2000 social sellers are recruited and trained. At the same time, the search for a sales manager is carried out.

Customer benefits

The customer receives full support in setting up his sales activities in Europe: Starting with the adaptation of his sales system to the execution of the actual launch and recruiting as well as the development of his sales staff and sales management.